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After 20 years, Costa do Vizir Camping, in Porto Covo, has modernized and renewed all its communication. From the communication strategy developed by US, the idea of ​​creating a legend emerged to reinforce the brand positioning and its relationship with clients.

US carried out thorough research on histories of the region and of Portugal and based on this material the Legend of the Vizier was born – a tragic-romantic narrative associated with the times of Muslim occupation.

The Legend of the Vizier also presents a symbolic element present between the two main characters – a handkerchief – which was materialized to be on a display at the reception of the campsite and feeding a ritual that brings together people who believe in its mystique.

The text accompanying the scarf display:
In the course of refurbishment work on the campsite, a small chest was found, partly rotted away, and inside it an ancient piece of embroidery. It is thought this may be the handkerchief that Eleonor gave to Almir. An object that speaks of the love that has united them for all eternity. They say it has brought luck to couples who kiss in its presence. So come and see it in the campsite reception area.

To mark this precious find, there is now a quiet pond with goldfish, frogs, and dragonflies.”



The Legend of the Vizier


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