About This Project

After 20 years, Costa do Vizir Camping, in Porto Covo, started a staged project for the renovation and modernization of all its infrastructures, surrounding spaces, services and accommodation.

For this transformation US developed a communication strategy that repositioned the campsite from a new brand identity, brand slogan and communication concept that invites us to enjoy several stories that Costa Vicentina allows us to experience.

The Legend of the Vizier – a legend inspired by the history of the region during the Muslim occupation was also created by US.
A new graphic design was also created, flyers, brochures, manuals support for accommodation and all the merchandising collection inspired by the Legend of the Vizier.
In the campsite all spaces, equipment and streets were named according to the theme of the legend and the imaginary of the Middle East, through the creation of signage. We also developed and produced all the exterior and interior signage for the space.


>> See here << the brand in the digital 

>> See here << the the legend create by US